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Clinic Management Information System

Dhanush CMIS

Revolutionizing Clinic Operations with Advanced CMIS for Streamlined Workflows and Patient-Centric Healthcare Management

Welcome to Dhanush, where we redefine the way clinics operate and deliver healthcare through our advanced Clinic Management Information System (CMIS). Our comprehensive CMIS services are designed to streamline clinic workflows, enhance patient care, and ensure efficient management of healthcare operations.

Dhanush is your partner in transforming clinic operations. Our CMIS services go beyond managing data; they empower clinics to provide efficient and patient-centric care. Embrace innovation in healthcare management with our tailored solutions.

Clinic-Centric Solutions
Our CMIS services are customized for clinic needs, offering a user-friendly interface for seamless staff adoption.
ABDM Integration
Creating Digital Health Records and ABHA IDs eligible for DHIS inclusion via NHA.
Scale our CMIS solutions based on the growth of your clinic.
Flexible configurations to adapt to evolving clinic requirements.
Comprehensive Training
Comprehensive training for clinic staff to maximize system utilization.
Ongoing support to address any concerns and ensure smooth operations.
1Appointment Scheduling
6Clinical Decision Support
11Mobile Application
2Electronic Health Records(EHR)
7Referral Management
12Feedback and Ratings
3Telemedicine Integration
8Analytics & Dashboards
13Multi-Location Support
4Patient Queue Management
9Online Registration
14Payment and Billing
5Prescription Management
10Health Records Access