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Pharmacy Management Information System

Dhanush PMIS

Welcome to Dhanush, where precision meets convenience in pharmacy operations through our advanced Pharmacy Management Information System (PMIS). Explore how our comprehensive services elevate pharmacy management, streamline processes, and prioritize patient well-being.

Dhanush is your reliable partner in transforming pharmacy operations. Our PMIS services empower pharmacies to provide efficient services, prioritize patient care, and stay ahead in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

Pharmacy-Centric Solutions
Tailored to meet the specific needs and workflows of pharmacies.
Inventory Management
Real-time Stock Monitoring: Keep track of medication stock levels in real-time.
Patient Engagement
Mobile App Integration to connect with patients through a user-friendly mobile app for prescription refills.
Transparent Billing Processes
Simplify billing and invoicing for accurate financial transactions.
Insurance Claim Processing
Seamlessly integrate insurance information for efficient claims processing.
Ongoing support to address any concerns and ensure smooth operations.
1Real-time Stock Monitoring
5Patient Engagement
9Patient Safety
2Automated Reordering
6Mobile App Integration
10Allergy Warnings
3Efficient Order Fulfilment
7Transparent Billing Processes
11Sales Analytics
4Electronic Prescription Handling
8Insurance Claim Processing
12Compliance Reports