Personal health identifier, generally refers to Name, Father/ Mother/ Husband name, Date of Birth/Age, Gender, Mobile Number, Authentication Route (Aadhaar/Govt.-ID), E-mail Address, Location (LGD), Family ID & Photograph in line with Person Resource of FHIR (Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources) Specification and other data that a healthcare professional collects to identify an individual and determine appropriate care.

Dhanush has developed a PHID application where beneficiary's shares same set of a common registration platform which will first generate the common identification number and same may be used in different Applications for updation of service delivery details. Using the common identification number, the sharing of service related data can be facilitated using a web service/API. Common registration platform can also be used by government applications for interoperability.

How personal health information is used?

By its very nature, healthcare deals with sensitive details about a patient, including birthdate, medical conditions etc. Whether in paper-based records or an electronic health record (EHR) system, PHI explains a patient's medical history, including ailments, various treatments and outcomes.

From the first moments after birth, a baby today will have PHI entered into an EHR, including weight, length, body temperature and any complications during delivery. Tracking this type of medical information during a patient's life offers clinicians context to a person's health, which can aid in treatment decisions.

In the bigger picture, PHI can be stripped of identifying features and added anonymously to large databases of patient information. Such de-identified data can contribute to population health management efforts and value-based care programs.


Dhanush Health   Wellness solution has the features for creating the Electronic Health Record, Tele Consultation, Integration with Drug Vending Machine, NCD Screening and Outreach camps

Dhanush Health   Wellness solution has the features for creating the


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